Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Friends of Jake: Same sex blessings in church-- where does your par...

The Friends of Jake: Same sex blessings in church-- where does your par...: From St Paul's Fayetteville AR, how the conversation began. You can read more about their process and the resources they used for the conve...

Maybe Another First?

Last Sunday, I learned that I would be a delegate at the Georgia Diocesan Convention which starts tomorrow. As a voting delegate, I believe that I will be/could be the first Trans Woman delegate in our history. It will be interesting to learn what lies ahead of me during these next three days. As I am also an Exhibitor for the Integrity Table and will be pressing our cause of equality at the Table, I should be very busy. Stay Tuned folks!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beginning The Conversation


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moments for Education

Moments taken to educate people can be found every day. Take yesterday, I had two medical appointments. My first appointment was to have my annual Mammogram; which is always an exciting and gripping moment in time. Short burst of flashes of one life floods one brain as your boob is squashed between two plates and you are standing on tip toes hoping against hope that you don't slip. Glad that only do one side, (Breast Cancer and all).

My next appointment was with my endocrinologist; again for my regular checkup appointment. As sometime happens, there was a Nursing Student shadowing the doctor that day to observe and learn. Well, I just couldn't let this opportunity slip away without making her aware of the different sort of patients she could be responsible for during her future nursing career. So I pointedly asked the student if she might know my story and she said "No!", so my Dr said that she needed to stay in the room and hear my story because it was a good one and one that she needed to be exposed to; (absolutely love this Man as my Endo). As she had no experience with transsexuals I gave her a short version of my story. Stressing how I came to be a Breast Cancer survivor and the dire need for her to give good medical care and treatment for all her patiences who transition. And I stressed our concerns for finding good healthcare professional who will treat all people with respect. When I finished, she had kept a stoic face and I thanked her for listening. I introduced myself and shook hands and we left the exam room.

Yesterday was a good day for teaching!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Corporate Greed

We must stand with the people of the US and fight to reverse this destructive decision that Corporations are the same as US Citizens ie People. That's wrong!