Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overcoming Prejudice

This is a re-post from my Facebook page!!

I have been thinking about my upcoming small part in the local production of South Pacific. I remember the faces of the actors from the movie but can't remember names; what's important is remembering how I felt hearing "Some Enchanted Evening" and thinking what a voice. We rented the movie and watched it last night. I don't remember all of the mood/color changes drifting through the movie, it brought be such memories. What a powerful story to make a point about overcoming prejudice with people. Huge point!!

I have been singing most all of my life or involved with music in some way. I retired as a First Sergeant having been in charge of a Army Post band. Having a Master's of Music and singing in choral groups around the world, I am especially excited at having been picked to be one of the nurses, a woman's role. When I would sing with other choral groups I have always sang the tenor part, and if I say so myself, I have taken the 2nd tenor parts because I have a relative good ear to hear and sing out those important musical parts. Oh once in a while I will sing the 2nd alto part if the women are singing long sections by themselves; and I have a good head voice to some of the upper ranges so that helps. After I transitioned I returned to the tenor section and just sing what I felt comfortable. You would see me in the same black dress or outfit that the other women had to wear.

Actually on one concert, the symphony was performing various songs from Broadway and the men had to sang 'There is nothing like a Dame" from south pacific. There was another woman singing tenor at the time so with a clueless Orchestra Conductor, the Choral rehearsal conductor encouraged us to wear the black glasses with the big nose and mustache attached; and when we stood up to sing the song here was two women in dresses within the group of men wearing these ridiculous things on our faces. I know I hear more that two bursts of laughter from the audience. We really had fun and the audience enjoyed the comedy.

This is a picture of me singing with the community chorus. I am the taller one standing in front of the organ pipes.

So, finally after all these years singing in a group of men, I get to be in a musical where I am included with the women. I am wondering just what kind of costuming we will wear!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Garden & Roses

Our garden continues to produce a good handful of tomatoes every others day and the cabbage is going well. We had to pull up some of our tomato plants because they were diseased and we didn't want to to spread to the others. I have replanted some pepper plants in their place and have added a few more tomatoes where the onions were.

We have a rose bush that we have had for 3 years and this year it has produced two different roses from the same stem but each is of two different colors. The first rose was pink with one petal that was both pink and red and one that was solid red. The second rose was just the opposite. Check them out.

The first rose!

Nature is cool isn't she! Two different color roses from the same stem. Am surprised to find such different examples of roses from what has been a bush that produces solid pink roses, but these roses are a joy to watch bloom.

Crazies in Georgia

Another crazie person from the Good Ol' state of Georgia, I know we have had some good hard rain and maybe that is what's driving them out into the open. When will these people give it up. But I guess every state has their Catholic Priestess and State Senator who wants the government to follow the bible.
My oh, my!!

Sarah's is really Out.

I am very excited about this small part, I get to play a girl---something I have been doing all my life in some form or fashion. I guess my singing ability was a lot better than my acting craft; will only get better with more experience. The theatre group is a strong part of the community, and I am very happy to be a part of their production of "South Pacific".

The director has said that he will post a video blog about backstage antics and such. I got a call from the director last night just to personally invite me to be one of the nurses. You can check out his video diary at at read about the cast on the blog.

I know a few of the cast member know about Sarah, not sure about the director or the music director. But he just knows that I am a 2nd alto or just sing the tenor parts in all of the singing groups that I have been in; oh since I was in jr high and church choirs.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Live With a Star or Star-to-Be

Sarah tried out last night for the musical, South Pacific, with a local theatre group. She was chosen to play one of the nurses. I am sooooooo proud of her. She's kind of excited about it.

The theatre group seems to be a really cool group of people. Can't wait to get to know them better.

Piano Duo

Whatever you can do to keep you young and in love with your sweetie!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Judge Moreno remarks

"Today’s ruling, “is not just a defeat for same-sex couples, but for any minority group that seeks the protection of the equal protection clause of the California Constitution”."

Fr. Geoff Farrow goes on to explain the remarks made by the one judge who voted to overrule prop 8.
"The words of Justice Moreno “The [state supreme court] majority’s holding is not just a defeat for same-sex couples, but for any minority group that seeks the protection of the equal protection clause of the California Constitution” will most probably be lost on the vast majority of this state’s citizens."
We really need to be careful when allowing a small majority of voters taking away our other civil rights.

Prop. 8 Challenge Filed in Federal Court  | News |

Prop. 8 Challenge Filed in Federal Court  | News |

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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Good Birthday

This is one of those years where my birthday actually falls on Memorial Day, or I should say Memorial Day coincides with my birthday. Anyway, we had called friends yesterday as asked if we could come over today with food and celebrate my day. Anytime you have friends bring the feast you let them. But this morning I started my day with finishing the quilt Kay I had started for their son. After I had it in the washer, I put out several more plants that we had started from seed, some more tomatoes and peppers. I had about 10 more tomato plants and watermelon, and yellow squash. We had to pull up a few tomato plants as their leaves had begun to wilt and turn brown, which was too bad because one plant was full of green tomatoes.

My sweetie had given me my birthday card last night as we had stayed up past midnight, but she had picked up a birthday cake and some DVD's to replace a collection I had on VHS. I know that she loves me because she let me watch one of the movies which was Episode IV of Star Wars; usually I watch them when she is out for the evening. I don't subject her to these movies very often as she doesn't understand how I can watch them over and over. Oh well.

An evening with our friends is always a exciting and we wind up talking into the night. We took spaghetti, salad, and french bread with the birthday cake for supper. Her daughter and husband were also there and it was good to visit with them. Kay gave James his blanket and he had to immediately go and spread it out on his bed; we could tell that he really liked it because it is so boyish, with tools and car parts and stuff. After we had eaten, we were talking about braiding hair and our friend's wife quickly french braided my hair, which has a nice affect because of coloring. Someone had put my hair up in a braid years ago, but my hair wasn't as long as it is now. I would like to let my hair grow another 6 inches down to the middle of my back.

As we were catching up on each others news and the boy had been given their baths, they were allowed to watch a movie, and we watch as the new blanket was carried to their parents bed to snuggle under as they watched their movie. I had a good day, with good company and lots of love from my honey!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Dance

I found this clip at Elizabeth Keaton's blog, you'll understand.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Truth and Reconciliation

From Elizabeth Keaton's blog:

Two separate but related controversies have been swirling in the news this week: (1) whether to close the military prison at GITMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) and (2) whether to release, or not to release, those series of photographs depicting Americans engaged in torture.

The question is whether our government should with hold or publish pictures of American's torturing prisoners; I have learned the hard way the with holding secrets, or torture photographs or telling lies and half truths only lead to more dishonest behavior. We have books and books about our own torturing of American Citizens in our history that should be exposed.

I live in south Georgia and there is an incident of a string of racial murders that have only within the last week has seen an Historical Marker placed at the approximate site of the horrific murders of Mary Turner. You can read about the terrible things that were done to Mary.

Mr. President it is best to take the first steps and release these photographs to acknowledge that we were wrong and am trying to correct past policies which only hurt the reputation of our great country. A country that I, as a Veteran, fought to defend and protect.

Misery Loves Company

What a wonderful way to counter all the dribble and grief people press upon you on a daily basis.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We returned to the church garden this morning and while Kay chopped at the weeds, I planted a few more tomato's, squash, peppers and so that the garden will have a staggered crop. These are the pumpkins, I am hoping that we will have a small pumpkin patch for the children to pick for Halloween.

As you can see the grass and weeds are more hardy than our few vegetable plantings; this large garden has been overgrown for more than a few years since the last time there was anything planted.

Catching Treats

We all have taught our 'children' to catch their treats when we throw, but this is the first time I have seen a Cat catch their treats.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Transgender courage Parental Support

I have just posted a story on my face book page about the girl in Omaha and her parent's courage to stand up for her child and to her Church to support her child's transition to living as a girl. As the story relates; she could not return to her Catholic School if she insisted on presenting as female. As always this is all over the internet with many stories and some with the video slanted different ways. It really is sad that some 'Christians' just won't give up the fantasy that the world is NOT just two genders and anyone who doesn't bend to those views of two genders are outsiders and freaks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peaches and Cream

Ah Yes, folks it peaches time in South Georgia; and since Kay and I had a little free time after a morning hoein in the church garden, we drove over to Barney GA, by way of Morven, GA to get to one of our special peach stands. It didn't take us long to get theresince it's a really nice drive through the back country of South Georgia. Picked up a 1/2 peck of picked peaches and some small new red tater's. It's a big tin covered shed place that will let ya get out of the sun where they have all kinds of good stuff.

After payin for the peaches we sat ourselves down in some rocking chairs to eat us a large cup of peach and blueberry homemade, fresh tasting, mouth watering, delicious ice cream. Land sakes alive it was soooo gooood. Just rockin and eatin that thare homemade ice cream. Whoa, it don't get much better 'en that.

Can't beat that afternoon's a doin's with a snake stick, Y'all better come on down an get ya some real soon.


The Auntees Are Hoers

Yes, I said it! We are hoers. We got up bright and early this morning and headed to the church garden. We spent a couple of hours out there hoeing. I insist that we get up early to go out because this south Georgia sunshine can get really hot this time of year and ladies of a "certain age" don't need to be in the heat here.

It was fairly quiet in the garden. We could hear the voices of the children at the church next door out playing (well, I could.........I'm not sure about Sarah. She hasn't gotten her hearing aid fixed yet. The dog decided it could be a tasty snack).

The garden is looking really good. There are tomatoes on the tomato bushes, a few green beans are peaking out. The onions are getting big and the potatoes have leaves and a few flowers. The grass is looking really good too. It is getting hard to stay ahead of the grass but we are getting to be pretty good hoers.

The garden is a community garden and a number of people from the church have volunteered time and sweat to help plant it, keep it watered and keep it hoed. The people in our church will be able to have some good vegetables and we plan to give the excess to the soup kitchen. This is going to be a good summer.

From the two hoers, have a great day.

Big Houses

I see all these wonderfully, huge, monstrous churches that we spend so much money to build and maintain and begin to wonder; Why do we try to out build the other guy's monster church. Aren't we suppose to take care of our brothers and sisters as our own. Are we building these huge grand churches for the Lord's Glory or for our own ego's. With all the social problems, and hunger, and basic needs that our brothers and sister in our communities really are lacking; couldn't we have put that millions of dollars to better use. Couldn't the smaller grandiose church fit our preachin and teachin needs? Where did Jesus do his teaching? Are we so focused to having a place where the ladies wear their finest and we can stay cool and dry and tell everyone; Hey, look at me prayin here in this Huge House of the Lord. Who are we not being christian enough to; the people who really need to be comforted and healed and have their needs addressed? Who are not invited into our Huge Place of Worship because they don't have the proper church clothes, or they are too dirty or smelly, or they are transiant people? Are not these our Brothers and Sisters, Jesus asked?
Just askin' a question folks!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trans women and breast cancer

As you all know I am a breast cancer survivor, kind of weird but true. I am a trans woman who got breast cancer after using HRT for 14 months, how cruel. But I was prescribed aldactone and estrodol patch at .075 mg; who knew such a small amount could cause such a huge medical problem.

So, Ladies, know your family history of breast cancer, do your monthly self breast exams, probable more often than every 4 week, cause you never know if or when you will find a lump. If you don't know how to do your exam, ask a nurse or go to the local health department. Get to know your body, it might just save your life one day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am a US Army Veteran who served in Vietnam, and was retired/discharged because I was caught wearing woman's clothing. I had known that I had served with soldiers who were gay; I think at this time where the US military is stretched so thin and is covering so many foreign borders to reduce the ranks of soldiers in vital skill does an injustice to America and to our brave soldiers who are serving so valiantly so far away. Let repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell NOW!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home Garden Update

Just wanted to share with you how our garden grows! It's been 8 weeks and we have small tomatoes that are turning, onions and cabbages doing nicely the other tomato plants are doing quite well. Except for the two beefsteak plants, plenty of blooms but no fruit yet, we'll watch them. Worm castings are like the BEST Stuff!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sometime you find someone who can speak with clear and rightful answers. This I have copied this from Donna Rose again, thank you for sharing this wonderful pastor who is not afraid to say "I don't have all the answers." We are allow to question ourselves, what the Bible really says, we can scratch and search for other meanings of life out in the universe.

Donna has made a strong argument that whatever our transition does for us, or where ever it takes us there is a rockin and shakin of our spiritual beliefs. I have a much stronger spiritual core, now that I am my true self. As you shed your clothes and layers of shame, and fear, and trepidation, we have nothing to hide behind our little 'fig' leaves of clothing exposes our being to the full love of our God. In stripping down to our primal selves as we ask our Lord to either heal us or to reveal his plan for righteous living to us. My last barrier to living authenticly as Sarah was my fear of how my church family would receive me. I had high expectations and great hope that my church family would accept Sarah, as they had accepted my old self. Am it was the most frightening 'outing' that I have faced to living a true and exposed self. I have been able to muster all of my energies toward my spiritual journey and there is true joy in learning that in my heart God loves and accepts me as I am.; the way he wanted me to be.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sound like the arguments over same-sex marriage debate going on in the Senate; sorry, but I love the comedy stuff. I don't think I have ever seen the clip.

Miley Cyrus supporting gay marriage?

Miley Cyrus responded to Hilton through her account with the following comments:

• "Everyone deserves to love and be loved and most importantly smile."
• "Jesus loves you and your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! That's like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz he's gay and that is wrong and very sad!
• "Like I said everyone deserves to be happy."
• "God’s greatest commandment is to love. And judging is not loving."
• "I am a Christian and I love you - gay or not - because you are no different than anyone else! We are all God's children."

Very interesting backlash is being pushed by the AFA. Ms Cyrus comments are being called un-christianlike; how dare she misquote the bible like that. Just read how the ordained members of AFA who are responsible for controlling bibilical thought is crying blasphany. How dare Ms. Cyrus quote biblical scripture without getting clearance from their scholars and self-righteous preachers.

How dare Hanna Montana spread such love as she does.

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