Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visible Participants for Integrity!

Bishop Gene Robinson's Place

A few years ago, Kay and I took a trip to New England and we found ourselves at Bishop Gene Robinson's office; although we knocked on his door, he wasn't 'in' so to speak so we had to satisfy ourselves with these pictures to prove we were there in New Hampshire.

Now, four years later we will have a chance to meet Bishop Robinson.  As I have said in my last post, Kay and I will be going to General Convention in Indiana.  I was selected to answer questions and greet visitors at the Integrity Booth as part of the Core of Integrity members that was selected from across the Nation.

This morning I received an e-mail that told us, Kay and I, that we were chosen to serve at Integrity's Celebratory Service on July 8th.  Bishop Mary Glasspool will preside and Bishop Gene Robinson will preach; we have been tagged to serve as Torch Bearers.

This is quite an honor for both Kay and I to have been given a place in this very visible celebration.  I was only hoping that we could find a place to stand together in the back of the room as we participate with the Integrity's Celebration with a Collective Congregation in the thousands.  I never even dreaming that we will be walking down the center isle with Bishops Robinson and Glasspool as minor participants of Torch Bearers, until this morning.  We are both on Cloud Twelve.

Indiana here we come!!!!