Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Most Wonderful Christmas

Christmas time in the city; its 1:30 Christmas morning and where did the time go? I am thinking back 4 years ago about this time that I underwent my mastectomy after discovering that I had breast cancer. Four years ago, it was only six years ago that I moved in with my sweetie, again around Christmas time. That was our first Christmas together, in our new house; it was establishing new traditions and letting go of the many old ones that we created as a family of two with two dogs.

We have spent another wonderful day with my daughter and her future husband. I am not quite sure how to mark this Christmas Eve down for us. My daughter and I are making new memories as Sarah and daughter, which will eventually, I expect, balance out the many years she has of me as her father! So many things were explained tonight that I have only wished and hoped would begin to thaw. Not only I had breast cancer, but I have recently learned that my ex wife had breast cancer and she had to have both chemo and radiation therapy which caused her hair to fall out. Julie is trying to get her brothers to come around and says that she takes my side when they begin to complain about my life and how I treated them. She also says that my ex will remind them of what all I did for them when they were growing up. To me, that is pretty amazing in itself; however, that said I don’t think she will call me up to chat; but still. I had always assumed that my ex and I had never crossed paths when I am out an about with Kay since our divorce, but Julie says that she has seem me several times and I that I did not recognized her. I guess I wasn’t looking for her in the crowd so much as I didn’t expect her to come within 500 ft of me. Now I am curious as to when she has seen me around town now that I know her hair fell out and she looks totally different. Julie also said that her Uncle had spotted me out and about and that he had told her to tell us that he hopes we are doing well. Wow!!

Julie sat down and had a long conversation with the person who is doing a documentary about my life and she said that it was because of some of his questions that made her re-think about things in a different perspective. She believes her brother is at a place in his life that would be willing to set down and talk about how he feels about me and the way I am living my life now. The ice is cracking!! I can only hope that my oldest son and his wife will someday speak to me.

My daughter, Julie is a very beautiful, insightful woman; she is not one to follow the crowd and since graduation from the University has made her own way. I can not describe the joy and love that she has shown to Kay and me. And I most certainly am having a hard time putting into words the joy and wonder that Kay and I have discovered this Christmas, especially.

This has got to be one of the best Christmas’ that I have ever experienced.

Merry Christmas, Auntee Sarah

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. This was the most wonderful Christmas EVER!! We'll post more about it later. Very tired tonight.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wild Side of

Always secretly loved this song; I say secretly because I was afraid to say it out loud for fear that someone would connect the song's meaning to my secret. That I was a 'She'.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reacquainting with "T" group

Tuesday, Kay and I reconnected with the Trans group that meets in Tallahassee, I know it quite a distance to go for a 2 1/2 hr meeting, but it was really worth it. The group leader was someone we knew from that old group that i used to meet with almost 7 years ago; times flies when you're transitioning. Tuesday was a small group of only 6 counting Kay and I, but we met 2 new friends who are coming out and 1 who lives and works as male. I think I was able to give him some good information about changing documents since he was born in Georgia, and I was able to get my DL name and gender changed by my surgery. Hope he will be able to change his documents. Overall it was a good meeting and we reminisced about the members of the old group.

Since the meeting was that evening, Kay and I spent most of the day shopping and looking and eating at the Olive Garden; which we still do not have in our area. We like to visit different quilting stores and we found and visited a new one off 319, north of the city. There happens to be a "Fashion Bug" or a couple in town and I bought 5 tops, some on sale, some new; but all great tops which I needed. The last stop before the meeting was in a 'World Market', great place for different stuff.

Kay bought one item that is proving to be the best Christmas Present, ever for us; she purchased a GPS box. I'll tell you, this is a great present to get for yourself; it has already proven to be invaluable, especially at night when it is difficult to read road signs; especially with someone who is losing their night vision. We could have used this thing on our road trip through New England last summer; would have saved us a lot of grief and frustration. We think its voice is cute when it says it has to re-calculate when we deliberately go out of our way; and when the voice mis-pronounces the street names by stressing different sylLABles. I think the GPS system will make our next excursion much more relaxing, at least for me.