Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reacquainting with "T" group

Tuesday, Kay and I reconnected with the Trans group that meets in Tallahassee, I know it quite a distance to go for a 2 1/2 hr meeting, but it was really worth it. The group leader was someone we knew from that old group that i used to meet with almost 7 years ago; times flies when you're transitioning. Tuesday was a small group of only 6 counting Kay and I, but we met 2 new friends who are coming out and 1 who lives and works as male. I think I was able to give him some good information about changing documents since he was born in Georgia, and I was able to get my DL name and gender changed by my surgery. Hope he will be able to change his documents. Overall it was a good meeting and we reminisced about the members of the old group.

Since the meeting was that evening, Kay and I spent most of the day shopping and looking and eating at the Olive Garden; which we still do not have in our area. We like to visit different quilting stores and we found and visited a new one off 319, north of the city. There happens to be a "Fashion Bug" or a couple in town and I bought 5 tops, some on sale, some new; but all great tops which I needed. The last stop before the meeting was in a 'World Market', great place for different stuff.

Kay bought one item that is proving to be the best Christmas Present, ever for us; she purchased a GPS box. I'll tell you, this is a great present to get for yourself; it has already proven to be invaluable, especially at night when it is difficult to read road signs; especially with someone who is losing their night vision. We could have used this thing on our road trip through New England last summer; would have saved us a lot of grief and frustration. We think its voice is cute when it says it has to re-calculate when we deliberately go out of our way; and when the voice mis-pronounces the street names by stressing different sylLABles. I think the GPS system will make our next excursion much more relaxing, at least for me.

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