Monday, December 14, 2009

Wild Side of

Always secretly loved this song; I say secretly because I was afraid to say it out loud for fear that someone would connect the song's meaning to my secret. That I was a 'She'.


Anonymous said...

Hi, This is a note to Sarah Jane?
Hi sarah this is Helen Chapel? you introduced yourself to me on my blog today and I promised I would visit your blog and leave a message. I'd love to meet the other half of the two auntees as well? perhaps we can do that soon.

I have just read a couple of your posts and have to stope now because its Christmas and a bust time. I hope that you both feel blessed as you journey through this season of Advent.

Hope we can share more in future.
lovely to meet you
Helen x

Two Auntees said...

Thanks for stopping by, I know we are at two different places on our path of transition, but if there is any way I could help you or just lend an ear to listen, stop by.
Have a merry christmas and a happy new year.