Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to decide to Stand for Yourself

This story is about the courts, Ms Dukes and Walmart clubbing the American Workers, women and being discriminated against by the 'Company'. Our Supreme Court telling the Women of Walmart they have to 'work it out with the Bossman', if the feel they are being block for management position. Yet I keep seeing the those promotional ad about how some women, Military Officer's getting management jobs. Makes me think there might be other forces at play that are keeping older longterm employees from being promoted to management prositions.

The Catholic Church, Higher ups are telling the American Church to pull honors given to Gov. Como and other Elected Officials who voted for Marriage Equality in New York. They are probable telling Church official not to give, or to with hold the Sacraments to the same Elected Officials. To deny Catholic the Sacraments for standing up to what is 'right' even though it goes against Church Policy to control Catholics is criminal.

Where do we draw the line for discrimination by the Church and Large Corporations to keep the masses under their boot heels. I highly recommend that you read the following story told by a wonderful Episcopal Priest, Elizabeth Keaton story of how she learned about the Holy Spirit in Shekinah

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another great Day

Look what we did! Yesterday was another day that turned out to be a great outing spent with my daughter. We returned to Nashville, Ga as we wanted to get come Silver Queen corn for us and Julie's mom wanted to bushels for herself. Unfortunately they had only 2 bushels of corn, but they had several boxes of tomatoes that would be good for canning. So Julie got the 2 bushels of corn for her mother and we took 3 boxes of tomatoes for us. As we were so close to the blackberry farm we drove out to the farm and got 4 gals of blackberries, not berries from the commercial field, but just as good.

Since it was about an hours drive from Valdosta to the berry place, we met first and had lunch after my checkup at the VA clinic that morning. We dropped Julie back at her truck with the 2 bushels of corn and her 3 gal of berries, said thanks with hugs all around and went home to can.

As we were preparing the jars and water for the water bath to scald the tomatoes, we froze 1 pan of blackberries and ate on the rest of the berries that day. After scalding, peeling, cutting and cooking the tomatoes, from the 2 boxes of tomatoes we were able to put up 30 quarts. So adding the 10 quarts we already had put up, we have 40 quarts of tomatoes for next winters fixing like soups, stews, spaghetti and chili. These tomatoes are better that the last batch we put up, so these will sure brighten the long cold days of next winter.

Oh yea, the blackberry wine seems to be doing very well, should be some awesome wine.

Buy local produce and learn how to can and freeze, makes a great bonding experience and will fill the freezer with good things to eat.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To make a Great Kid

Great advice from an involved stay-at-home dad. It take two to tango and it take two to raise a child that's happy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Truly Awesome Afternoon!

The world keeps turning, even after yesterday when we had to go to the nearest Air Force Base to renew our Military ID cards. The gentleman at the window didn't flinch when Kay asked to renew her ID care as I was standing behind her as her sponsor. Nor did he say any thing when I discovered my ID had expired 2 months ago and we renewed mine.

The world kept turning as Kay's grandchildren, my daughter Julie and her mother gathered at our house to make blackberry wine. Julie had stopped by on Tuesday as one of the baskets of blackberries we had picked was hers and she took it home. We got a call latter that evening, to thank us for the berries and to say that they were addictive. Today we got a call saying that my ex wanted to come over with Julie to watch us make the blackberry wine. It took 2 gallons of berries for the wine, we froze about 3 gallons worth and are eating on the last basket of berries.

We had a very nice afternoon with my ex, my daughter, Colleen and her children; so everyone got to meet everyone else and we sat around the table and just chatted, laughed, and had a great afternoon. And the world kept turning. It was a day I had only wished for, for so many years, everyone together again. A truly Awesome Afternoon!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Law makes Sense

Now this new Immigration Law makes perfect sense, it's a money maker. By filling our Privatized Jail with illegal immigrants corporations are able to create a money machine, almost like a Money Tree. Only the Golden Apples are "illegal immigrants".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Request from Laura

Laura asked me to repost this message for her, please respect her privacy and if you are a follower then send her an email please.

Hi guys,

Can I ask a favor from you? My blog has had to go private as you know and I sent a bunch of invites via the messaging on the blog but I don't think anyone got them. Can you post on your blogs for me a public service announcement because a lot of the people that follow my blogs, follow yours as well. Just something to the effect of The World According to Laura has gone private however if you wish to keep following send an email to laura at laurab323@hotmail.comand she will add you...

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Keep them coming as we need all the help we can get right now.

Best to you all,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fights for Her Self

This will happen more often in the coming days, it's just sad and very disappointing that some people just can't wrap their tiny little brains around the process of why's and how's of someone challenging their gender identity. The inability of some to get labels right by continuing and insisting on calling Transsexual Women, transgender; much less 'transgendered male'.

I always get a sense that those who insist using these terms have issues themselves and won't come to terms with their own bodies and brains.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Remembrances

We left Charleston on Tuesday since we found a good deal for a room atHampton Inn about a mile from the beach on Hilton Head. After checking in early that day we indulged ourselves with a swim in the pool until the afternoon sun had cooled down a bit. Since Folly Beach wasn't that far away we changed and headed to feel the wind and surf. The boardwalk from the parking lot to the beach was short and well maintained, as they had laid down a plastic mat over the sand and dunes to the sand of the beach. Beautiful long well packed sandy beach and not too many people. We had taken our short chairs and some drinks and just sat our butts down drinking in the salty air and getting lost with the sound of the surf. It wasn't too long until the tide had over taken us and we had to move back up the beach out of the way of the rising tides. We noticed all the jellyfish like the one in the picture washing up on the shore, all seemed to be of the same kind and various sizes. Our last hour was spent walking the beach and water letting ourselves go over the horizon. The afternoon was slowly giving way to night and we found ourselves hungry and after changing we took our supper at the famous Hudson Rest. which is on the West side of the island, they use the fish they catch during the day as they also manage fishing excursions for the tourists. The shrimp boats are working boat so the deal is you have to help with the shrimping and the catch of the day is shared. The restaurant sits on the river between the island and the mainland so there is always a magnificent view of the days sunset against the outline of the shrimp boats and docks.

The next morning we just had to take some more time to walk the beach and get in another swim before heading home. All in all, it was a wonderful time, great birthday and graduation celebrations, Memorial Day remembrances and a sorely needed time for us to get away and de-stress ourselves from everything.
Thank you my Love for the Birthday Concerts, the trip, and the times at the beach with you.