Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Truly Awesome Afternoon!

The world keeps turning, even after yesterday when we had to go to the nearest Air Force Base to renew our Military ID cards. The gentleman at the window didn't flinch when Kay asked to renew her ID care as I was standing behind her as her sponsor. Nor did he say any thing when I discovered my ID had expired 2 months ago and we renewed mine.

The world kept turning as Kay's grandchildren, my daughter Julie and her mother gathered at our house to make blackberry wine. Julie had stopped by on Tuesday as one of the baskets of blackberries we had picked was hers and she took it home. We got a call latter that evening, to thank us for the berries and to say that they were addictive. Today we got a call saying that my ex wanted to come over with Julie to watch us make the blackberry wine. It took 2 gallons of berries for the wine, we froze about 3 gallons worth and are eating on the last basket of berries.

We had a very nice afternoon with my ex, my daughter, Colleen and her children; so everyone got to meet everyone else and we sat around the table and just chatted, laughed, and had a great afternoon. And the world kept turning. It was a day I had only wished for, for so many years, everyone together again. A truly Awesome Afternoon!


Jenny said...

Blackberries, you lucky things!

A while longer before ours are ready.

Caroline said...

! The flowers are not even open on my bushes!

Laura Bennett said...

Wow sounds like SO much fun!

Melissa said...

Those are beautiful blackberries! I love blackberry preserves, but I've never had blackberry wine. I'll bet it's really good.

Melissa XX