Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another great Day

Look what we did! Yesterday was another day that turned out to be a great outing spent with my daughter. We returned to Nashville, Ga as we wanted to get come Silver Queen corn for us and Julie's mom wanted to bushels for herself. Unfortunately they had only 2 bushels of corn, but they had several boxes of tomatoes that would be good for canning. So Julie got the 2 bushels of corn for her mother and we took 3 boxes of tomatoes for us. As we were so close to the blackberry farm we drove out to the farm and got 4 gals of blackberries, not berries from the commercial field, but just as good.

Since it was about an hours drive from Valdosta to the berry place, we met first and had lunch after my checkup at the VA clinic that morning. We dropped Julie back at her truck with the 2 bushels of corn and her 3 gal of berries, said thanks with hugs all around and went home to can.

As we were preparing the jars and water for the water bath to scald the tomatoes, we froze 1 pan of blackberries and ate on the rest of the berries that day. After scalding, peeling, cutting and cooking the tomatoes, from the 2 boxes of tomatoes we were able to put up 30 quarts. So adding the 10 quarts we already had put up, we have 40 quarts of tomatoes for next winters fixing like soups, stews, spaghetti and chili. These tomatoes are better that the last batch we put up, so these will sure brighten the long cold days of next winter.

Oh yea, the blackberry wine seems to be doing very well, should be some awesome wine.

Buy local produce and learn how to can and freeze, makes a great bonding experience and will fill the freezer with good things to eat.

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Halle said...

That was a lot of work! But you are going to have a lot of good eats! :)


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