Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Remembrances

We left Charleston on Tuesday since we found a good deal for a room atHampton Inn about a mile from the beach on Hilton Head. After checking in early that day we indulged ourselves with a swim in the pool until the afternoon sun had cooled down a bit. Since Folly Beach wasn't that far away we changed and headed to feel the wind and surf. The boardwalk from the parking lot to the beach was short and well maintained, as they had laid down a plastic mat over the sand and dunes to the sand of the beach. Beautiful long well packed sandy beach and not too many people. We had taken our short chairs and some drinks and just sat our butts down drinking in the salty air and getting lost with the sound of the surf. It wasn't too long until the tide had over taken us and we had to move back up the beach out of the way of the rising tides. We noticed all the jellyfish like the one in the picture washing up on the shore, all seemed to be of the same kind and various sizes. Our last hour was spent walking the beach and water letting ourselves go over the horizon. The afternoon was slowly giving way to night and we found ourselves hungry and after changing we took our supper at the famous Hudson Rest. which is on the West side of the island, they use the fish they catch during the day as they also manage fishing excursions for the tourists. The shrimp boats are working boat so the deal is you have to help with the shrimping and the catch of the day is shared. The restaurant sits on the river between the island and the mainland so there is always a magnificent view of the days sunset against the outline of the shrimp boats and docks.

The next morning we just had to take some more time to walk the beach and get in another swim before heading home. All in all, it was a wonderful time, great birthday and graduation celebrations, Memorial Day remembrances and a sorely needed time for us to get away and de-stress ourselves from everything.
Thank you my Love for the Birthday Concerts, the trip, and the times at the beach with you.

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Halle said...

Thank you for the reminder of wonderful times past, and hopefully, experiences to be repeated.