Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time to decide to Stand for Yourself

This story is about the courts, Ms Dukes and Walmart clubbing the American Workers, women and being discriminated against by the 'Company'. Our Supreme Court telling the Women of Walmart they have to 'work it out with the Bossman', if the feel they are being block for management position. Yet I keep seeing the those promotional ad about how some women, Military Officer's getting management jobs. Makes me think there might be other forces at play that are keeping older longterm employees from being promoted to management prositions.

The Catholic Church, Higher ups are telling the American Church to pull honors given to Gov. Como and other Elected Officials who voted for Marriage Equality in New York. They are probable telling Church official not to give, or to with hold the Sacraments to the same Elected Officials. To deny Catholic the Sacraments for standing up to what is 'right' even though it goes against Church Policy to control Catholics is criminal.

Where do we draw the line for discrimination by the Church and Large Corporations to keep the masses under their boot heels. I highly recommend that you read the following story told by a wonderful Episcopal Priest, Elizabeth Keaton story of how she learned about the Holy Spirit in Shekinah

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Chris said...

To me - Who cares what the Church thinks? It's mindset is stuck in the days where they directly ruled part of a land mass, and indirectly rules even more. They won't change because they can't change. That's why the Protestant Reformation was so important.

People who blindly follow church edicts in the realm of the secular state are people who are unable to lead themselves, people who need a harsh, external leader to be followed. And that's something the church provides. For the rest of us, we have independent rational thought, love for others that transcends our differences, and a faith that accepts "sinners" can be saved without our condemnation adding to their burdens....