Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peaches and Cream

Ah Yes, folks it peaches time in South Georgia; and since Kay and I had a little free time after a morning hoein in the church garden, we drove over to Barney GA, by way of Morven, GA to get to one of our special peach stands. It didn't take us long to get theresince it's a really nice drive through the back country of South Georgia. Picked up a 1/2 peck of picked peaches and some small new red tater's. It's a big tin covered shed place that will let ya get out of the sun where they have all kinds of good stuff.

After payin for the peaches we sat ourselves down in some rocking chairs to eat us a large cup of peach and blueberry homemade, fresh tasting, mouth watering, delicious ice cream. Land sakes alive it was soooo gooood. Just rockin and eatin that thare homemade ice cream. Whoa, it don't get much better 'en that.

Can't beat that afternoon's a doin's with a snake stick, Y'all better come on down an get ya some real soon.


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Melissa Stucker said...

Good Heavens, Sarah's gone hick. ;)