Friday, May 22, 2009

Truth and Reconciliation

From Elizabeth Keaton's blog:

Two separate but related controversies have been swirling in the news this week: (1) whether to close the military prison at GITMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) and (2) whether to release, or not to release, those series of photographs depicting Americans engaged in torture.

The question is whether our government should with hold or publish pictures of American's torturing prisoners; I have learned the hard way the with holding secrets, or torture photographs or telling lies and half truths only lead to more dishonest behavior. We have books and books about our own torturing of American Citizens in our history that should be exposed.

I live in south Georgia and there is an incident of a string of racial murders that have only within the last week has seen an Historical Marker placed at the approximate site of the horrific murders of Mary Turner. You can read about the terrible things that were done to Mary.

Mr. President it is best to take the first steps and release these photographs to acknowledge that we were wrong and am trying to correct past policies which only hurt the reputation of our great country. A country that I, as a Veteran, fought to defend and protect.

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