Monday, May 25, 2009

A Good Birthday

This is one of those years where my birthday actually falls on Memorial Day, or I should say Memorial Day coincides with my birthday. Anyway, we had called friends yesterday as asked if we could come over today with food and celebrate my day. Anytime you have friends bring the feast you let them. But this morning I started my day with finishing the quilt Kay I had started for their son. After I had it in the washer, I put out several more plants that we had started from seed, some more tomatoes and peppers. I had about 10 more tomato plants and watermelon, and yellow squash. We had to pull up a few tomato plants as their leaves had begun to wilt and turn brown, which was too bad because one plant was full of green tomatoes.

My sweetie had given me my birthday card last night as we had stayed up past midnight, but she had picked up a birthday cake and some DVD's to replace a collection I had on VHS. I know that she loves me because she let me watch one of the movies which was Episode IV of Star Wars; usually I watch them when she is out for the evening. I don't subject her to these movies very often as she doesn't understand how I can watch them over and over. Oh well.

An evening with our friends is always a exciting and we wind up talking into the night. We took spaghetti, salad, and french bread with the birthday cake for supper. Her daughter and husband were also there and it was good to visit with them. Kay gave James his blanket and he had to immediately go and spread it out on his bed; we could tell that he really liked it because it is so boyish, with tools and car parts and stuff. After we had eaten, we were talking about braiding hair and our friend's wife quickly french braided my hair, which has a nice affect because of coloring. Someone had put my hair up in a braid years ago, but my hair wasn't as long as it is now. I would like to let my hair grow another 6 inches down to the middle of my back.

As we were catching up on each others news and the boy had been given their baths, they were allowed to watch a movie, and we watch as the new blanket was carried to their parents bed to snuggle under as they watched their movie. I had a good day, with good company and lots of love from my honey!!

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