Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overcoming Prejudice

This is a re-post from my Facebook page!!

I have been thinking about my upcoming small part in the local production of South Pacific. I remember the faces of the actors from the movie but can't remember names; what's important is remembering how I felt hearing "Some Enchanted Evening" and thinking what a voice. We rented the movie and watched it last night. I don't remember all of the mood/color changes drifting through the movie, it brought be such memories. What a powerful story to make a point about overcoming prejudice with people. Huge point!!

I have been singing most all of my life or involved with music in some way. I retired as a First Sergeant having been in charge of a Army Post band. Having a Master's of Music and singing in choral groups around the world, I am especially excited at having been picked to be one of the nurses, a woman's role. When I would sing with other choral groups I have always sang the tenor part, and if I say so myself, I have taken the 2nd tenor parts because I have a relative good ear to hear and sing out those important musical parts. Oh once in a while I will sing the 2nd alto part if the women are singing long sections by themselves; and I have a good head voice to some of the upper ranges so that helps. After I transitioned I returned to the tenor section and just sing what I felt comfortable. You would see me in the same black dress or outfit that the other women had to wear.

Actually on one concert, the symphony was performing various songs from Broadway and the men had to sang 'There is nothing like a Dame" from south pacific. There was another woman singing tenor at the time so with a clueless Orchestra Conductor, the Choral rehearsal conductor encouraged us to wear the black glasses with the big nose and mustache attached; and when we stood up to sing the song here was two women in dresses within the group of men wearing these ridiculous things on our faces. I know I hear more that two bursts of laughter from the audience. We really had fun and the audience enjoyed the comedy.

This is a picture of me singing with the community chorus. I am the taller one standing in front of the organ pipes.

So, finally after all these years singing in a group of men, I get to be in a musical where I am included with the women. I am wondering just what kind of costuming we will wear!!

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I loved South Pacific too.

Quite a breakthrough for you ;=)