Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letting Go

As the two aunties of the church, we are allowed to watch some of the children who are part of our small congregation. We have recently accompanied brother and sister to see Disney's Monsters and Aliens in 3D which is awesome in itself. Much better than the 3D of old. This week, we hosted a "girls" day out with two girls 4 & 5 years, as the youngest girls will be moving to later this month. After a lunch, we took the girls to see "UP", which I thought was a little 'dark' for smaller children and it almost brought me to tears; however the quality of the 3D was excellent. The youngest child climbed on Kay's lap 30 min. into the movie and later became frightened enough that they had to leave and wait in the lobby for us. As I am not allowed to see my grandchildren, I cherish these outings and visit that come to us as very special indeed.
It going to be especially hard to let our dear friend leave, after all, they do have our God Child! And I am really going to miss having the girls over for a special day. Last Tuesday after we had given them their baths, which they really needed after playing so hard making bubbles and stuff, we had turned on Sleeping Beauty for them to let them wind down before their parents came to pick them up and the 4yr old cuddled up next to me and give me the biggest hug and snuggle while she waited for her father to take her home. We had bought one of the flip cameras and let them take some pictures of each other, very interesting shots; hands, floor, something very blurry.
This is going to be an emotional period for me, to let a piece of your heart go with someone you love will be very hard, very hard indeed.