Sunday, June 7, 2009

My one Line

Tonight was the first full cast meeting for the local production of South Pacific; we were assigned our parts for the show. As I have been chosen to one of the Nurses, I have also been given a one liner in Act I, scene 7; just before the song "I'm gonna wash that man.." Hey, for being a newcomer to the Community Theatre, I am not complaining; I still get to sing all the women's song and dance a few step during the Thanksgiving number.
I think that this production will be very different to say the least. Emile, the French Planter, is being played by a man with a pony tail and a beard, Lt. Cable, is being played by an African American, a very talented young man back from New York. And then there is me, a trans woman who gets to be one of the nurses, and sings the woman's part and gets to dance and......... well you know. Just wait for the rest of the story as rehearsals really get underway.