Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Standing for Rights

Dear Sarah Riggle:

Message from Dan Humphries at Guitar Center:
Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your recent feedback in regards to our former support of that radio station. We do not share the views of that station, and do appreciate our customers, and concerned citizens informing us of this type of issue.

We appreciate you choosing GuitarCenter.com

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.



Supervisor of Sales

There have been so many companies that have pulled their advertising from KRXQ radio station because people took the time to complain and do something to counteract the call for violent behavior toward our transgender children.

The above response is from an email that I had sent to the leadership at Guitar Center thanking them for pulling their money and advertisement from the KRXQ radio show. When I was working this music company was bought out by Guitar Center in June 2003 but for reasons I am not privy to, they closed our store and music repair shop on Nov 15, 2005. Only the June before I had disclosed to my Repair Supervisor that I was trans and would be changing from male to female. I was told that that would pose no problem; and I never had anyone say anything to be about being trans. Granted I was working in a warehouse/repair shop which happend to be located in a different location than the primary store so I was not waiting on any customers.
I am glad to now know that the company I worked for, has stepped up and condemed the violent behavior these radio people have condoned and spewed over the airwaves. That calling for abusive behavior toward your own children can not be tolerated.

Thank you Dan and all the Senior Management personnel for taking a collective stand.

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