Thursday, June 11, 2009

S.P. Rehearsal Notes

Well we have finished blocking all the scenes of the play and have had 1 musical rehearsal. It looks like I will be on stage for about half of the play, in addition to my one line, I have the 3 musical numbers, which might be a challenge for me because of the range; so we'll see how it goes. Other than that we will be on stage to move stage props on and off and to fill up the stage in some of the later scenes.
As I have mentioned earlier, I believe that only a few people know about my history, I started to tell the director 2 nights ago but hesitated; only because I don't want him to be blindsided if one of the big financial backers raises a stink. I did learn that when they performed "Sordid Lives", this same director stuck to his guns to produce the show; and as a result the president of the guild resigned over the decision. It is amazing to see just how far our part of South Georgia has grown up to be inclusive; I hope. The persons who plays Emile and Lt Cable seem to be very good singers and nice people.
Next week the real fun begins!!

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Melissa Stucker said...

You are gonna be great! Break a leg!