Saturday, June 6, 2009

Momuments and Rememberance

June 6, the Anniversary of "D" Day, when our nation lost so many young men during the greatest invasion force the world had ever seen. Let us give pause to those men who came from every state in the nation to begin the push towards Berlin in the Center of Germany. Let us remember the meaning of every national monument that our great nation has raised to give honor to Freedom.


Monuments erected by man
Ineptly depicting one moment in time
Giving historical facts and information
In concise prose.
Attempt to honor death by
Preserving blood stained ground.
Structures of metal, rock or stone
Brussels’ Lion standing watch over fields
Where Wellington gave Napoleon his Waterloo
America’s Tomb for the Unknown’s
Rises from the mists of the Nation’s Cemetery
London’s Trafalgar’s Square
Encroached by daily traffic
Berlin’s Brandenburg Gates and Paris’ Arc of Triumph
To the City and Glories past
Belgium’s roll call of power etched in time
Guarded by rusting relics of mechanized war
Monuments are sculptured material of man’s making
To glorify death, blood and of his heart’s breaking.

SJ Riggle
February 23, 2002

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