Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blocking for Play is Done

Well, we have completed the first week of rehearsals and have blocked all 24 scenes of South Pacific. The director is cutting some of the musical refrains and a few scenes to make the play shorter. The nurses, as well as the men are being used to reset the stage for many of the scene changes, as well as fill up for scene. We have learned the dance routine for scene 1 act 2 which is for the Thanksgiving show. I think we have two more routines to learn; this old girl is doing all right for herself out there on stage; a few sore muscles but nothing to hold us back. The director hasn't pulled me off the stage yet; but it is early in the rehearsal schedule.
It seems that people are having a good time with this and are beginning to build community.
The couple that is playing the two leads really do have good voices for theatre, and people will be very pleased. Will post pictures after next week!

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