Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Garden & Roses

Our garden continues to produce a good handful of tomatoes every others day and the cabbage is going well. We had to pull up some of our tomato plants because they were diseased and we didn't want to to spread to the others. I have replanted some pepper plants in their place and have added a few more tomatoes where the onions were.

We have a rose bush that we have had for 3 years and this year it has produced two different roses from the same stem but each is of two different colors. The first rose was pink with one petal that was both pink and red and one that was solid red. The second rose was just the opposite. Check them out.

The first rose!

Nature is cool isn't she! Two different color roses from the same stem. Am surprised to find such different examples of roses from what has been a bush that produces solid pink roses, but these roses are a joy to watch bloom.

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