Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Houses

I see all these wonderfully, huge, monstrous churches that we spend so much money to build and maintain and begin to wonder; Why do we try to out build the other guy's monster church. Aren't we suppose to take care of our brothers and sisters as our own. Are we building these huge grand churches for the Lord's Glory or for our own ego's. With all the social problems, and hunger, and basic needs that our brothers and sister in our communities really are lacking; couldn't we have put that millions of dollars to better use. Couldn't the smaller grandiose church fit our preachin and teachin needs? Where did Jesus do his teaching? Are we so focused to having a place where the ladies wear their finest and we can stay cool and dry and tell everyone; Hey, look at me prayin here in this Huge House of the Lord. Who are we not being christian enough to; the people who really need to be comforted and healed and have their needs addressed? Who are not invited into our Huge Place of Worship because they don't have the proper church clothes, or they are too dirty or smelly, or they are transiant people? Are not these our Brothers and Sisters, Jesus asked?
Just askin' a question folks!


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