Monday, September 17, 2012

Backyard gardens

 I'm not sure just how many of you have experienced the aroma and sweet fragrance of the Night Blooming Jasmine.  I planted this one at the end of last summer and the frost and freeze killed all but one branch of the bush.  So I was just not expecting the sort of continued blooms that this plant produces; all summer long.  With each new branch, I get hundreds of small trumpet-like blooms that will only open at night and give off it's sweet aroma.  Each and every evening the air is saturated, if I leave the back door open, the whole house is filled with the jasmine perfume.  It does make for a lovely outdoor party and I will sit outside at the garden table to breath in it's nectar.  I will probable put up a trellis next year and hopefully keep it trained and controlled.

 In the back ground, you can see my two Mango's tree; I started with three and one died.  These are about 3 years old.  Since we do have frost I bring them in during the winter and they grow in spurts.
On the opposite fence I planted 2 small Loofa plants.  As you can see the vines have taken over the back fence, the small building and my garden.  They also give off a faint sweet small as this plant is in the gourd family.  So far I have 4 large tubers that I am hoping to clean and use for bathing.  Will see just how much trouble it's going to be to clean them up.  I will NOT be planting any more loofa's next year.

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Calie said...

Oh, I can just smell that Jasmine!