Friday, April 5, 2013

Everywhere I look I see life.

I do not fear death

I loved this article about a man a person who loved life as much as the movie he reviewed, I like this line from the article: "I respect kindness in human beings first of all, and kindness to animals.".  I read this after reading an article about coffee shops and cafe agreeing to let customers pay forward for a cup of coffee, or a simple meal for someone who is homeless; is called paying for a "suspended---",  coffee, or a sandwich, a meal--- something hot for a cold day, something to eat when someone can't pay for a sandwich. That's a great way to give anonymously 

What I really love to do is gardening; watching something grow as it brings forth new life after a dark and dreary winter of sleep. I find myself standing in front of my grape vine and tree that was a "volunteer" last year.  I am amazed at how much new growth can be seen every week.  I sometimes wish I had a slow motion camera to document the the speed at which the new leaves grow.

Last year I planted two Loofa plants and they got away from; almost covered the old playhouse.  This year I have planted some 'Popcorn' corn, and potatoes (at different stages), carrots (2 kinds), radishes (2 kinds).  I am growing cucumber plants and hope to plant them within the corn as they both grow together; which will hold up the cucumber  as they mature.  I have 3 kinds of tomato plants in pots this year and 2 green pepper plants; they seem to do better in pots and next to the porch.

I also have an orange and lemon tree, 2 blackberry, thornless of course and a muscadine grape that is new this year.  I believe that is all I have room to plant in the backyard.  

I love to dig in the dirt of my garden in the backyard while barefoot.  As you can see I had to add a screen over my rolling garden bins, as I discovered cats lying in them after a cold morning that I had covered them with a sheet.

It took only 3 years for the grapevine to give enough fruit to make jelly.  Our problem was keeping the birds away long enough to harvest the grapes; I have left quite enough for the birds to feast on.  As always that's a pleasure to watch them fight over the grapes.  We have had to cover the vine, but that hasn't deterred one Mocking bird who found a way to sneak under the netting to feast on the early grapes; but he doesn't get much.

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Calie said...

Oh my, I am so far behind on my blog reading and blogging in general....(kind of got out of it for a while). Anyway, it's nice to see happy posts and any post about animals and/or plants makes me happy.

Regarding the comment about animals and kindness, I'll never forget my grandmother's philosophy that anyone who is kind to animals is a good person. Seems to be the case.

And the plants!! I love the rolling planters! What a great idea. I may just steal it.

My best to you two, and so sorry I haven't kept up to date.

Calie xx