Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As someone who has looked upon the world through the viewpoint of two opposite lenses, I will always have the experience gained from each viewpoint. As I was learning about my future life I tried to make sense of everything by using poetry to focus my questions about my new identity.

This poem was one that helped me believe that where i was going was the right choice.


who’s reflection do I see?

as I stand before this mirror

the image tis both clear and real, it cannot be me.

my mind’s own eye hast its own image clear

dressed and colored with prejudice free

who’s reflections do you see?

who’s reflections do I see?

this mirror cannot lie,

but shows a face full in imperfections

masked with colors sharp and clean

on skin with soft and subtle lines of age.

mine own vision, an aging beauty be.

who’s reflections do you see?

who’s reflections do I see?

the mirror sees only outside, not what’s within.

her time before the mirror is short, her pain hidden well

until others gladly welcomes the person she sees

her joy to share with all, her true reflections

only then can mirrors see the image she knows

is hidden until her true self is who you see?

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