Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Questions and seeking

This weekend, Kay and I will be traveling to Mexico Beach, Florida to attend my nephews wedding. This will be the first time that I as Sarah will mingle with possible large numbers of my extended family. We only know of one Aunt who is flying in from California and my youngest sister is coming from Houston, Texas. All the other family members should be surprised when they finally meet Sarah and Kay. Although Kay and I have met with two on my sisters, the rest of the family have never socialized with me as Sarah. I am excited and a full of expectation for what could happen this week. The groom’s brother and my sister have spent a little time with Kay and me as we have visited with my mother on several occasions. As I said before, we have been invited to the rehearsal dinner so that will be our first chance to meet everyone before the wedding the next day and the reception following.
Mexico Beach is very nice beach; at least it was when we were there during this past summer; not sure but expecting to have mild weather during the service. And with the Air Force Base being relatively close and we can stay at their guest quarters at a reasonable price; which makes the weekend at the beach even better cost wise.
I always love to make some time to spend on the seashore; with the rushing surf and the wind mixed with the salt water blowing across your face as we stroll down the beach mesmerized by the sound of the crashing waves. Any beach time seems to help wash away all the bad feelings and recharges my mind and soul for what’s to come.

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Melissa Stucker said...

I am sending you best wishes for your weekend. I will keep you in my prayers for your travels and family visits. Hopefully since you were invited to the event, hospitality, love and acceptance will abound. If not, hit the beach and bring me back some sea shells, k? Just kidding. You two have such a wonderful charm and bring a sense of calm and love wherever you go. My hope is that everyone will love you both!