Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life in the Normal Lane

Ok, so Kay and I spent the weekend with some close friend at their Time Share Condo in the World of Golf (just learned what that means—Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden—Yep that’s right—GOLF); anyway, we had a great time at the beach on Saturday. We were at Vilano Beach and thank goodness we had a canopy over our heads or we would have been really cooked. The surf was kind of ruff with a mild undertow, not bad really. Their two children had a blast jumping the waves, with the help of the older crowd. Not knowing their plans, I had not brought another set of clothes to change into after playing in the surf; so here we go walking around the stores at Tangier’s Outlet Store near St. Augustine, Fl. If I can stand on the side walks of the outlet mall and not have anyone take a double looksy than I am doing just fine in the blending in department. I was wearing the top of my swimsuit with a pair of Capri’s, with windblown hair and wind burned face; having managed to get a comb through the hair and pulled back somewhat. Then latter that evening Kay and I went to order and wait for some pizzas, no weird looks, again!

Playing in their big pool with the other family Friday night and getting noticed only because I was swimming with Kay; I think, was really something from my perceptions of things. To the day as it happened as I described before, was just normal.

I found in the stack of mail on the counter when I got home, a Summons for Jury Duty. I’ll let everyone in on how that goes next month!


Anonymous said...

I never notice anyone giving you second looks. There was one woman at the pool, though, who was clearly trying to figure out our 'family unit'. It's wierd for me since Ward is so much older than me. I get some of those perplexed looks myself. So sorry you had to wear your suit shopping, I didn't know or we would have gone back to the room first! Glad you had a good time, we love our Aunties!!

Lori D said...

Life in the normal lane is a good place to be! It's only a matter of time before insanity sets in again! LOL!

Two Auntees said...

The second looks we get are cause I'm so cute!! Me, Kay.

And then there are the bumper stickers she insist we put on the car.

Two Auntees said...

Lori, we are boringly normal........more or less!