Monday, September 14, 2009

A transgender's life in transition

Anne Faith Beon was born practically with axle grease on her hands -- pumping gas as a child, working on car engines and driving hot rods in the beachfront blue collar community where she was raised.

I am becoming more convinced that the more rocks we turn over there will be another trans person waiting to bloom. One can't open the internet new without hearing about someone else who has accepted their life to be something else. Ms Anne Beon is just another person who is living her life with integrity and honesty; and has the support of her children.

I have said that within out little PFLAG group, we have just celebrated our first anniversary. Within the past 12 months we have had at least 12 people who have identified as trans. We have young men and women praise us for being who we are and setting an example for them to accept themselves as gay. I am happy that we have been blessed with so many wonderful people who feel comfortable being themselves.

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