Monday, March 22, 2010

Angry Protesters,

Is this really how far some people will go to prevent change? Have we really overcome bigotry and racial prejudice in this country. I saw this anger rise from crowds who would do anything to stop this bill.

Last fall I attend a local Health Care Forum that was hosted by our Republican Representative Jack Kingston, even before we got to the audience questions, people were shouting out comments to derail the forum. I was incensed that not one of the Senator's aides tried to quiet the angry crowd. It seem like their silence was encouraging the shouters to do more. I was appalled at their hateful display to those who came for answers not to disrupt the meeting.

This was the first time I saw people spew their words of dislike to others who tried to get questions answered. When an older African American stood to give his remarks, people shouted and hurled 'Boo's' at him and shut him down with their loud protest directed at the President. I was very embarrassed for him to hear such vile anger and for myself as I was another white person in the audience. Since he was sitting a few rows behind us, when the 'meeting' was over we turned and tried to impress upon him that not every person in the room believed in what some yelled at him, and to thank him for standing on the side of truth and right.

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