Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Crazy Old Ladies

When Sarah first came out at church, things got a little rocky for while. There was a small group of people who constantly fanned fires and kept controversy stirred. I was talking with our priest (not the current one) and said to her I longed for the day when Sarah and I would just be seen as two crazy old ladies. She looked at me and in a cold tone of voice said, "that will NEVER happen." I was a little stunned but didn't reply to her.

Five years have passed and guess what. Meet the two crazy old ladies. I know, I know. There are still a few people who have issues with us but I can assure you and our former priest they are not the majority. When we are out and about, we hear a lot of "hey ladies" from different people we know. A few months back, we were in a restaurant and a young man at the table across from us asked Sarah if her name was Sarah. When she said, "yes," the young man said that he remembered us from speaking to his class (neither of us remembered the young man). He said he appreciated us taking the time to speak to his class.

A sociology professor asked us if we would allow one of his students to interview us. I think it must have unhinged the student because we ended up with another student. Later, the professor asked if we would work with the original student again. We set up a second appointment and met the student at a local sandwich shop. It was obvious the student was really uncomfortable with us at first. As we began to talk, we could tell he began to relax. When we spoke to his class later in the semester he was very supportive .We have run into him around town from time to time and he always stops and speaks to us.

The thing that touches my heart the most is the young parents and their children. We have gotten a reputation as great baby sitters. We love having the children visit. We had tow little boys one day this week. They were about 3 hours. When the parents came to pick them up, the four year old asked if they could stay longer. The mother told us later that her son asked if she had another appointment the next day so he could come back. About 3 weeks before this, we had 2 little girls over one evening. They had a great time and when they left they were talking about coming back to Say and Karah's house. Kids are so great.

Folks, meet the two crazy old ladies who were never supposed to be!!

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