Saturday, September 11, 2010

Southern Comfort

Since last Wednesday, Kay and I have been here in Atlanta attending the Southern Comfort Convention, which is an amazing week of party, fun, intense group session about almost everything political and helpful to those of us who are trans.

I have met Chaz Bono, Pam of Pam's house blend, Jennifer Boylen, Allison Robertson, Autumn Sandeen, Mira Keesling, and many other people who are hard at work pushing for change for the lgbt community.

Here we are sitting at the faux news desk as we were taking the tour through CNN studios. I am always amazed at the sheer number of first timers who are attending this years convention. There is a greater number of younger people in attendance with each year; although this is only our second convention there were a great many first timers.

We were able to spend time with Laura and her wife A., a lovely couple who have learned how to work together and to keep the family together. It was a joy to spend time with the two of them for the day or so we had.

There is just so much to do when one is here that it sometimes can be overwhelming. But we have learn some great stuff to take back and tell our stories.
I will have other thoughts at a later time.

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Veronica said...

Made me look when you wrote "faux news desk." I thought, hey, that's CNN, not Fox! :)