Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caroline Gonzmart Courageous reporter for GLBT truth

This is not the best picture of me, but considering that I had been working all morning with the Pride Festival not bad. We arrived around 9:30 to setup all the tables and tents; we were grouping PFLAG, Integrity and for St Barnabas Episcopal Church together. These were the three groups that Kay and I are involved with.

The day was long, and we had warm weather with lots of clouds, a steady stream of people during the day, but not overcrowding.

As the previous post had the news clip from the local CBS station, it turns out that that reporter got exclusive of the day events. Our local newspaper failed to run a story the next day or on Monday, they chose to ignore all the great and combined efforts of the Pride organizers and GLBT supporters from the community to create a conversation about discrimination issues the GLBT community faces on a daily basis.

Regardless, if the other media which serves this community wanted to shut out and ignore the events that were happening at J.W. Sanders Park that day, they were left behind by one courageous reporter by the name of Caroline Gonzmart of the CBS affiliated station, and by her courage and compassionate report her name and face is being seen all over the internet as someone with enough moral strength to show truth of Valdosta, GA.


Laura Bennett said...


I thought the piece was very well done. It was nice to see your face again, I thought you were terrific!!!


Melissa said...

I looked at Valdosta, Ga. on Google Maps. It's a relatively small community. Does it have it's own newspaper, or do you get your paper from Macon, Tallahassee, or Jacksonville. I'm thinking if you have a local paper, there's no excuse for them not reporting on it. They certainly should have known about it.

Melissa XX

Two Auntees said...

Melissa, there is a local daily paper here in Valdosta with a seemingly huge bias. However, they need to realize that a newspaper is not the only way to go these day. If they don't report it somebody else will. There are TV stations out of Tallahassee and Albany that will report the work of the LGBT community. Our local paper will not even print meeting announcements that have been sent to them before PFLAG meetings. They need to realize they are no longer the only game in town with all the social media options on the internet. One day they will wake up and realize that there is no longer a need for a newspaper.