Wednesday, October 20, 2010

High school chants

High school chants
Do students really understand how viral these 'cheers' can spread the hurt both to the other team and to the gay students that go to this school?


Halle said...

Sadly, the "punish kids for their actions if they're caught but don't criticize the beliefs that led to those actions" way is seen not just in schools but in society in general, where laws are made against certain behaviours, and money is thrown at catching and prosecuting the offenders, while education and social programs to promote love and responsible action is left to churches and 'do gooders'. We need to do better, don't we.

Sarah Murphy said...

2K years ago a man was nailed to a tree for suggesting we be nice to each other for a change.

Here we are, good lessons are still to be learned. And the guy who hung on the tree all those years ago? Unfortunately his messages of unconditional love have been replaced by hatred and conditions to gain "paradise".

We are each others teachers.


Veronica said...

@Sarah Murphy: Crucifixion was the Roman punishment for sedition. So however loving the guy was, he did something that caused the Romans to consider him a threat to imperial order. Just sayin'.

SCG said...

This is chilling. It's almost the same experience I had watching films of Hitler speaking to crowds in Germany and listening to Germans cheering for "One people, One Germany" which was the lead up to the Holocaust.
I remember coaches at my school trying to egg us on in practice by screaming that our opponents were ready to pound us because they thought we were a "bunch of faggots!" We were girls, but I knew what that meant.