Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween is gone

What is really sad about this day, is that in times past it was the one day that we could go out at night and be who we wanted to be, if we could screw up enough courage to present yourself as female if you lived as a male. As a child I had only one halloween where my costume was a dress. It became even more wishful thinking after I was married; heaven forbid if you were a closet dresser and your halloween costume was more flattering than what your wife ever wore. I think it would have been easier and more fun if one was single and presented as female than for someone who was trying desperately to keep one’s cross-dressing a secret. Don’t want to let your wife see you too excited about getting dressed.

For those who are thrilled for the opportunity to go out both straight, gay and/or trans it should be a safe time. But with all the bulling an hate being thrown our way we must constantly be aware of our surroundings. I only hope that we will not hear of gangs or groups of gay-hating youths who have beaten, hurt or kill those who they perceive to be gay as they roam their streets last night. We can only hope and pray.

For me, I don’t have to pretend anymore, I can be who I am; and you will never see me donning anything that would give the impression that I was cross-dressing as a man!

We are normally gone during Halloween, but last night we just went out to eat as our street seem pretty quite and deserted on Halloween. We did pass neighborhoods where the cars were lined up on the grass and mobs of children invaders were going house to house to collect their confectionary rewards for dressing up. It seems that’s the way halloween is done these days, families collect in small caravans and drive their trick-r-treat from neighborhood to neighborhood collecting their sugary rewards. I don’t remember my father taking me out to trick-r-treat, but I do remember walking with my children around our neighborhood and them collecting all the candy so they couldn’t get sick that night.

I remember making a ‘bat’ costume for my oldest child and as the years went by, they each wore the same costume; have the pictures to prove we did. I made it a priority to watch my children in any school or scouting activity they were involved with. I wanted them to know how much I cared about them, and loved them.

If I could make one wish, I wish that everyday could be halloween where we could dress up anyway we wanted and the other goblins and ghouls would not see us.


Stoned N Stilettos said...

i didn't dress up all pretty and frilly this year, maybe next. but then i don't want to feel like i am in a halloween costume when ever i want to get dolled up and go out.

Melissa said...

Halloween sure is different today, from the way it was when I was a kid. We never had parental escorts, and we all roamed freely through our own neighborhood and adjacent ones. I never heard of a single kid getting molested. Every year we would hear rumors of poison candy or apples with razor blades inserted, but it never happened to anyone I ever knew. I think rumors were all they ever were.

Kids today are so sheltered. Many never even go out trick or treating on the street anymore. Some go to parties, or are escorted to homes their parents know are friendly.

I never went to a costume party dresses as a female. Some of my male friends did, but they always did it in a comic way, and I thought it would be too disrespectful to myself to do that. If I did it the way I would have liked to, they would have all wondered how I learned to dress and do my makeup so well, and how I was able to walk with ease in high heels. It would have been a dead give away to my being trans, and they would have all freaked out.

Melissa XX