Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend for wedding

Last weekend Kay and I attended a wedding up in north of Dahlonega, GA, and the weather being rather cold this time of year didn't make it pleasant to sit on a mountain top with the wind blowing in your face. But after a beautiful if not chilly ceremony, we went inside the big lodge for the reception and had a great time. This is us with the grooms brother kicking up our heels on the dance floor.

Here we are cuddling, and being nice for once.

We stayed at a little Bed and Breakfast called, the Cedar House Inn & Yurts; very quaint and very nice people who owns the Inn. They do organic gardening and a lot of the breakfast foods were healthy and so good. Their land has been designated as a thriving habitat sanctuary for wildlife. They are trying to do more natural soil building and composting for the gardens and property. The house was made from actual cedar trees milled and cut at a local sawmill. They have installed several rain barrels to catch any rain and because they have a metal roof they can use that water to flush their toilets.
There were 3 other couples staying over and we had some lively and great conversation over breakfast and with one couple before we said our good nights. One couple was from Paris, Tennessee and one was from Alpharetta, GA and he was an graphic artist, the other pair was a mother who was visiting with her daughter who was a freshman at Georgia Military College in the town.

This is the view of the front of the Bed and Breakfast. The trees were just beginning to turn their fall colors. Very beautiful and strong colors this year.


Lisa Maria said...

What wonderful pictures. It sure looks like you had a great time.

LeAnne said...

Meeting new people, kicking up your heels, going places. What fun!

Part of the fun at staying in a bed and breakfast is getting to talk to people that otherwise, one would never meet.

Looks like fun!! You made me jealous!