Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding answers for "Why" we transition

"Is it really all that mysterious why someone would not want to live like that any longer? Gender transition leads to gender congruence which in turn makes the pain of gender dysphoria go away. That’s why we do it. All the rest – the hormones, the clothes, the awkward second puberty – is just detail. Non-trans people will never understand the basic “why” by focusing upon that stuff."

This is lifted from and her struggle to answer the "Why" questions that people struggle to understand. Last week, Kay and I talked with two college classes which were introductory freshman level course. There were good questions with lots of interaction, some seemed to be glassy-eyed and one slept through half of the class; until I yelled "BOO" which caused him to awaken somewhat. The professor cautioned the class about asking questions that they would not answer themselves, which kept them focused on how we are perceived by others in the community.

There were lots of "Why" questions and, "Does the male person you once were still there?" I believe that what connections we were able to establish with the class member will go a long way toward more acceptance of trans-people. We have been speaking with classes for 4 years and people know us around campus and in the community.

During conversations with my daughter who has come back into my live, she has told us that a lot of her friend knew about my dressing and know about my relationship with Kay. A lot are accepting, some would want to sit down with us and ask their questions about "Why?", and a small number of other people she knows think what I have will send me to 'Hell' and will not accept or speak to me. That option is their choice, but I hope that as they speak to people who have come to know and accept us they might change their minds and opinions.

We hope we can speak to other classes this year.

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Melissa said...

I really admire both you and Kay, for your efforts in educating people about being transgender. Two Auntees? More like Two Sweeties!

Melissa XX