Thursday, July 14, 2011

grape jelly, grown, squeezed and filled in jars.

These are the grapes from a vine I planted 3 years ago and are loaded this summer with small but really sweet grapes. With plenty of grapes on the vine and ripening rather quickly, we couldn't eat them all without some going bad.

Today, we collected 12 cups of grapes and made some grape jelly. 12 cups has made 9 small jelly jars of sweet, pink jelly. Can't wait to try some in the morning.

We have canned and frozen a lot of vegetables so far this summer. But I am giddy that we have been able to use our own grapes, and tomatoes in our jelly and pickled cherry tomatoes. Grapes that I grew in our back yard that are now jars of jelly, is a good feeling.

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Jenny said...

Oh yes! I know that feeling!

I am envious of you for having the climate to produce such grapes. We have two vines, my mother planted them when I was very young in the 1970s. They produce grapes aplenty but they are not sweet in our weak northern sunshine, except in very hot years.