Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Labor Day Concert in Washington, DC

This is just one of the pieces that is to be sung during the Labor Day Concert in Washington DC, at the National Cathedral. An opportunity opened that there was to be a 300 member choir from across the nation, and Valdosta State's Choral Director, Dr Paul Neal is to be one of the invited conductors. For me, this is a chance of a lifetime, as I have never seen the Cathedral and have only been in Washington for a day.

As a lifelong musician, I think this would be the high point in my life. As both an instrumentalist and a vocalist, I have performed in concert hall, parade fields, in local and state festivals and parades. I was in an Army band that backed up Bob Hope many years ago when he gave a benefit performance, I've sung our National Anthem in the "Sun Bowl" stadium at El Paso, Texas for Military Appreciation Day; for about 30,000 people that sunny Saturday afternoon. I was in the military band that greeted the Iranian hostages after they were released and landed in Germany for their first medical checkup.

I have sung in two college operas as a male cast member and I have been cast as one of the nurses in the local production of "South Pacific". As a member of the combined choirs for Valdosta's Symphony, we have sung many major works. But to be able to sing with such a large combined choir in such a historical and magnificent place as the National Cathedral, it would be a great honor and achievement for me as a lifelong musician.

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