Tuesday, August 23, 2011

About Labor Day Concert

When I heard about this concert from Dr. Neal, I chose this concert over another concert that the University Choir did in New York City at the end of last May. We had already made plans to attend the high school graduation of a close friend who lives in South Carolina.

The early plans was for a choir of up to 300 members, it is fixed now at 160 voices. I applied as a member since getting a chance to sing in the National Cathedral would be a Once-in-a-lifetime experience as a life long musician. Truthfully I didn't realize that the concert's timing was during the week of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 until a few weeks ago. As a musician, getting to sing this program with the National Symphony in our National Cathedral can not be humbled enough, nor proud enough to do this premier event in just a few days. One voice of 160! It will take everything I can muster to maintain my emotions and stay focused on the music.

Please remember all who lost their lives and for those who were among the first responders.

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