Friday, August 5, 2011

Last Known Gay Holocaust Survivor Dies

Last Known Gay Holocaust Survivor Dies

We must keep telling these stories, as some preach the denial theory, that this never happened.

Voices of Light

Soldiers who fought the Fight
Voices of War’s, telling truth’s light
Of those who lived the horrors of War
Each true voice, a single shard of light
Truth in the telling of Armies might
Lived on far distant shores
By collective voices of Armies
Shining like beacons
Together blinding the words
Of lies and deceit

As each soldier who fought
Grows older and falls, so dims the light
And memories of War with time
As each shard of light is extinguished
The beacons of Truth wavers and blurs
But, we who are washed with beacons light
Must listen ever louder
To the dimming voices of truth
Proclaiming the true lessons of War
Against the voices of lies and deceit

SJ Riggle

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