Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changing Encounter

Kay and I have begun to meet other people for lunch on Wednesday's at the Student Union where we meet professors, and others from Christ Church Episcopal. The conversations are many and very interesting, no purpose but to meet and chat. We have found this group so socially expanding for us that we keep going back.

Yesterday, after everyone dispersed and we were leaving, we met the Sociology Professor from Japan and she was with the visiting math professor from Poland. As I introduced myself and Kay as my wife, she asked if we could be really married in Georgia, I said yes because I was trans and had not legally changed my name at the time of our wedding. Then she look at me and commented that I looked like a man! I commented, that that's funny because someone else told me that I looked like a woman from the Ukraine.

Kay and I both laughed when we could see her face change when see recognized the similarity in what I just said and she smiled as she laughed at herself. From the perspective of my being from the Ukraine, she saw the 'large woman from the Ukraine', and then told us stories when see met her first trans woman, and watched a girl friend transition to male. She recognized how much happier people with gender variance are once they transition.

We are constantly changing people's minds and attitude whenever I explain my gender status.

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