Friday, September 9, 2011

More Pictures

Looking back at how we spent our trip, I realize that there were more picture that I should have taken but didn't. We never have an opportunity to have our picture taken together unless we ask and we were to involved to ask. Here are a few more pictures, but of course they are in reverse the last to the first. Of course these are only a few from each day of our excursion across Mid America

A Gun battery at Vicksburg

Painting on the side of a building in eastern Texas,

I wonder if this PASTOR is talking about 'Robin Hood' or the Government! I should have said, "as opposed to tithe and supporting church programs to help poor?"

Dino in front of a Sinclair Gas station.

The Welcome sign for the Pow Wow

Vintage item of the '60's
3 Amigos and a lizard

Eight days of travel is not enough time to see everything, visit every museum or read every historical marker, but one should take the time to go visit important places in the US for you.

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