Monday, November 7, 2011

The Children will lead the Way!

This young lady stole my heart, thank you Big A, I love you back.

We have been thanked several time this past week for making people laugh. People have commented on our sense of lightness and giggles we have shared over looks, stories, jabs between us. We seem to make other people happy, and that really is kind of them to share those feeling with us. People can see our happiness by the smiles we carry everywhere and that's only because we live open, honest and full lives.

Lately it seems like my biggest supporters come from the children in our lives and I believe that if parents follow their lead, they will bring us, people like me, out into the open. It will be our children who will help us change people's minds and the world we live in.

When we told the member of you church that I was trans and would be attending Church as Sarah, some people's first though was, "What are we going to tell our children?". That was 7 years ago and we can't keep up with the number of children who have touched our lives, or the number of families who have shared a meal with us. To members of our Church we are known as the "Aunties", we watch and care for children, hold them, change diapers, put them to sleep when we are allowed.

A few years ago there were two babies who were getting fussy during the 'coffee hour' after church and since Kay and I had finished eating and the parents seemed to be needing a break, we each took a baby and went to the swing outside for a bit. It wasn't long before the both of them were soon fast asleep in our arms and we were able to lay them down in the cribs in our nursery. As so "the Auntee's" reputation for calming babies grew. And so yesterday a new father had brought his new daughter to church to show her off. After services we were talking and admiring the new one who was getting fussy and so he offered to let someone hold her; so I dropped my purse and held our my arms. She was still a little fussy being held in my arms, so I laid her on my shoulder and she seemed to calm down rather quickly, enough that her dad said that I had the "touch" and I said the Aunties' are know for having the touch.

Lately a young couple, we spent a day together at a park recently, has a young son who thinks the world of me, and it probable is because I listen and got down on his level to play with him. And so they have decided to keep coming to Church. Well it happens that there is an older woman who knew me as John, when she left has returned to town to find that I have transitioned and now see's Sarah, seems she has a problem with me now. The problem came to light when she started talking to this young couple about how she didn't like me now and didn't understand, and she was given both gun barrels, as it were. This older woman was told that their son loves Sarah, and she had best keep her opinions to herself and never speak against me in front of them or their son ever again.

Ya gotta love those who accept us for who we are.


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Lisa Maria said...

The accepting and open nature of children can teach us all a lot of lessons in life.
Great blog and you put a big smile on my face to.
You both look so happy in the photo as does the young girl next to you.

Lucy said...

Kids are my heros! THey are so genuine and authentic. And yes... I do love those who accept us for who we are! Diana and I have a great time together and love sharing that joy with others.