Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mother's Rally

What a week it has been for us. Last Sunday we were really expecting to be making funeral plans for Mother as we asked a priest to come to the house and give her Last Rites; we thought her to be that ill and ready.

However, for the past 2 days my mother has sort of rallied a little, drinking her drink Breeze, some chocolate and a few spoons of yogurt. So the point is that she is not our of the woods but for a day or so she seems to have gotten some of her strength back, as it were.

So now we are trying to help my sister care for our mother and let her have time to do the things she need to do around town. I guess we are in this long term care together during the time Mother has on this earth.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for our family and our mother.


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MadPriest said...

May whatever time your mother has left in this world be a time of blessing for her family and for herself. I'm praying for you, Sarah. May God be with you.