Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This rose bush is from the Jefferson's gardens at Monticello and it almost died before I got it in the ground last November, but I cut it back before I planted it and it's doing quite well. There are 7 blossoms on the first new growth and have a delicate sweet smell but they don't last too long. In fact, once they bloom they quickly open and fade; dropping petals by the second day. As you can see the outside petals are the deep rosy red colors and then opens to a delicate pink.

These are this years new growth on our grape vine. The new leaves and vines seem to grow before our eyes; if you could sit with a time lapse camera you probable could see how much they grow in one day.
Time does march on and our world around us changes just as quickly. As we gathered together this past week keeping watch on mother's condition, my children gathered together consoling each other and their mother who had kept seeing her mother-in-law and my sister. They would take mother out to eat and to places she liked to walk spending great quality time with mother. So last week all of us were together, telling stories and supporting each other. This past weekend was the breaking of the ice, as it were; my oldest son has agreed to sit down with me and talk about my transition, how it affected all of us, especially him, as the oldest son.

My mother has been able to sustain her life without much drink for the past 2 weeks, much longer than I would have ever thought, but as someone said, "She is a tough old 'biddy'". But her determination, if you will, has given the family enough time to come to her side and say their peace and prayers.

So just as Easter is upon us, so is spring and new life, and Mother will be reunited with Dad and stand by his side once again and look down on us. Hopefully, each of the siblings will learn to give forgiveness and show more mercy to each other in the years ahead.

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