Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marching Forward

Time marches onward for all of us after we experience a loss such as of our Mother.  The sun still rises and sets on our busy day's schedule which took up where we left it to mourn.

A few days ago I returned to my mother's new grave site; the tent was still up as a shelter to give shade from the summer sun for those who would visit in the days after she was laid to rest beside her first love she lost those many years ago.  But now it must seem the time is counted like moments for her.

Our schedule has resumed its hectic course as I performed in our choral concerts the next Sunday and Monday.  Then Tuesday evening we officiated at our monthly PFLAG support meeting and on Friday we attended the first day of our Convention of Episcopal Church Women.  Today was a meeting with our Bishop and a small group of members to discuss issues that would be presented at our Tri-Annual National Convention for the Episcopal Church.

The two more important issues that will be discussed is how to restructure the Governing Body from its current form with the purpose of downsizing the need for so many committees and having the National Convention every 4 years instead of every 3; would save a lot of money.

The other issue, which will get more national press coverage, will be on the discussion of adopting a Rite of Blessing for couples; more specifically designed for same-gender/sex couples.  Kay and I spoke from our hearts about couples needing to receive the Church's Blessing but I believe some people only thought they heard the words; "Union or Marriage".  These were the topics of discussion at today's listening session, as it was call be the Bishop of Georgia.  The Bishop emphasized more than once that this rite is for the "Blessing" of couples; ONLY.  Opinions were heard from both sides; when someone begins a conversation with; "I have gay friends and know and socialize with many gay people, but....."; that's a downer from a person who is in the minority these days.

If only we  could engage a group of Episcopalian's in encouraging discussion as we have done on so many occasions in college classrooms; if we could put people's fear to rest that our marriage has nothing to do with theirs.  That would help change hearts.  But we do our best to educate, advocate and support the huge task of changing minds and hearts of all.

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