Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arizona's Bill To Prosecute Transgender People Who Use The ‘Wrong’ Bathroom

Arizona Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Prosecute Transgender People Who Use The ‘Wrong’ Bathroom: pLast month, the City Council of Phoenix, Arizona passed sweeping nondiscrimination protections, ensuring that people have equal access to employment, housing, and public accommodations regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. One state lawmaker, Rep. John Kavanagh (R) is not pleased that transgender people will be protected when using the correct bathroom, and so [...]/p

Rep. Kavanagh goes on to say that we are not transgender, "we are Weird", of course this is what he thinks.  On into the article, he says "In Arizona, it is possible for transgender people to receive a new birth certificate* with their proper gender, but only if they undergo gender reassignment surgery, which not all trans people choose to pursue. In addition to being quite expensive, it also results in sterilization. Were Kavanagh’s bill to pass, trans people would have to sacrifice their ability to ever have children just to legally use the proper bathroom.

There is also an issue that the Representative abhors men who voluntarily give up their gonads also gives up their male privileges as a sperm planter, and I would infer that for him, this is a God given right for all 'men' to impregnate a woman. What Rep. Kavanagh fails to see or understand is that trans people gladly give up that sexual ability in order to make their body and mind one, their strong desire to let go of the offending sex parts they don't want. Procreating is way down on the list of things to do on the mind of a trans person, male or female. He doesn't understand that for a trans woman it not the ability to give the sperm, is the reality that they can't birth their child, that's what a trans woman knows and understands. But they do know that they can adopt a child that a heterosexual couple has abused or given up; there is a child out there that would grow in love and understanding when raised by a gay couple.

Concerning the wording of "Chromosomal Count" I would like to believe they have taken into account all the variations that can be found, that it's not just XX or XY. For those people who are XXY and have been raised as female, will they be arrested once they have been identified as intersexed.

*Gender Identity Issues

Issues a new or amended birth certificate? Yes.
Arizona law permits a individual who has undergone sex-reassignment surgery or who has a chromosomal count that establishes that the individual’s sex is different than the information registered on his or her birth certificate to amend the birth certificate with 1) a written request for an amended birth certificate from the individual and 2) a written statement by a physician that verifies the sex-reassignment operation or chromosomal count.
Citation: ARIZ. REV. STAT. § 36-337(A)(3).
Updated: Tue, March 27, 2007 - 12:00:12

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