Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life Renew

We all have to get one with our lives, and always it involves beginning again, starting over or what ever one calls it. But the one thing that I love to see is Spring! Spring and Mother Nature always surprises me with how she can change something that we, as human's try to mess up. New live springs up in the most unlikeliest of places, between cement blocks, in the rock and crevices, small trees in gutters; that kind of surprises.  I really needed to get back to my walking and so this morning was the day.

It really helps that my wife gave me an iPod for Christmas so that I can listen to my music as I walk and exercise, the other advantage is the camera takes great picture.  It's so much easier that lugging my big camera with me.  These are some shots that I took this morning.  You can tell that I love the colors of mornings and sunsets, I will never tire of their brilliance and displays.

These shrubs have grown over the years and there is beauty in their shape and form, but this picture shows the sadness of human nature in it's carelessness and intention to litter. Can't understand how people will deliberately litter our streets and yards with trash, as you can see the water bottle stuck in this tree's branches.

I call these the "Three Sisters", I have always wanted to get a picture of these in each season, that is Spring, in full summer and the brilliance of Fall, with the intention of putting them together.  And below is the walkway to the entrance of the West Hall, the main building on our campus here at Valdosta State. It's nice to see the flowing fountain as it add a sheer view of the entrance just behind.  The Azaleas you see have been in abundance this year, as they started to bloom in late February with what was a mild winter and has graces the city since with their color and variety.

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