Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post Breast surgery checkup

Yesterday was my follow up appointment to check how my reconstructed breast was doing and schedule the nipple reconstruction; every thing was OK but the tissue appeared to be too thin to do the nipple reconstruction. So we are waiting for two more months and we will see how the skin is doing. His plan for the nipple reconstruction will consist to making an “S” cut and drawing them together to create the nipple. Drawbacks are that the new nipple could flatten out somewhat so he is planning to take extra tissue from someplace on the stomach to build up and support the newly created nipple, which will be an outpatient procedure. The other difficulties would be with the large scar tissue which lies across the middle of the breast; so the new nipple might have to be placed a little off-centered.
I am finding my Doctor’s attitude to be quite skilled and concerned with creating the “best” breast that he can, given the remaining tissue and breast area that he had to work with. I firmly believe that he would do no less for any other of his patients. I am so glad that he agreed to perform the surgery in the first place. His staff members and assistants could not have been more caring or supportive, more cheerful or friendlier than they have been with us.
We ask permission to shoot some video for a possible documentary to be produced by one of the Sociologist professors at the University and my Doctor mentions that he has overheard his staff say how impressed they were with Kay and me as a couple and as patients.
This process of surgery to reconstruct the remaining tissue from my mastectomy began on May 13, 08, just two weeks before my 62nd birthday. It will be almost 10 months of appointments and 3 different surgeries to complete the transformations of my breasts; certainly a relatively short time when comparing to my transformation and transition to Sarah, a lesbian, trans woman and wife.

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